Tecnositaf products can be categorized in terms of applicative areas / functions:

MANAGEMENT of organizational and technological complex systems
SUPERVISION and the acquisition of real-time data n
Tolls on roads tunnels, bridges and car parks

The products are all fully integrated and Tecnositaf individual modules of complex products can be supplied as products themselves.

  • Management of Control Rooms
    • Management of alarms and diagnostics
    • Management of complex events
    • Management procedures
      (programmable user-level)
    • Decision support system
    • Management of personnel and
      operational resources
    • Planning and authorization
      of activities and work
    • Book or newspaper media
    • Records Management
    • Statistic and Reporting
    • Performance Indicators
    • Document management
    • Management of WS mobile
      for both vehicles and individual
  • Information Management
    • Import / export of information between heterogeneous systems
    • Publication of information available to third parties
      (web site, email, SMS, IVRs, FM)
    • Call-center management
  • Maintenance management
    • Management reporting
    • Planning, managing and reporting on the interventions
    • Scheduling of resources
    • Inventory Management Service
    • Management performance indicators
    • Management of on-line documentation for maintenance
sicurezza SAFETY
  • Fire Detectors
  • Video Surveillance
  • Automatic Incident Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • License Plate Readers
  • Integrity Check
  • Speed Limit Control
  • Access Control
  • Anti Intrusion Systems
  • Fire Detection
supervisione SUPERVISION
  • Road SCADA
  • Information to users
  • Traffic Monitoring Systems
  • SOS Systems
  • Meteorological Monitoring Systems
  • System for managing fleets of Official vehicles
  • Localization system for the management operating personnel in the field.
pedaggiamrento TOLL
  • Integrated toll collection system
  • Tolls Manual
  • Automatic Collection
sistemi sperimentali EXPERIMENTAL SYSTEMS
Below are some experimental innovative systems made by Tecnositaf that are still in the process of industrialization and which are intended to be transformed in a short time into products. products.

TUNNSS Tunnel Navigator Safety System
The system provides a driving aid emergency vehicles in the tunnel in case of low or no visibility. Based on data fusion techniques and data from a variety of sensors that use different technologies and complementary reconstructs with great precision a virtual image of environment in which it operates and the relative position and direction of the vehicle. Every single Technositaf APPLICATION is obtained by assembling the properly produced individual modules, all of which are natively integrated, depending on the market to which the application itself is targeted and most especially the needs of each specific customer.