Tecnositaf brings to the market an offer consisting of solutions, i.e. services and products finished in a position to fully meet the needs of customers, directing them towards the most effective choices.
We are allies of our customers.
Tecnositaf solutions are offered through contractual and financial instruments that are suited to your specific needs: from the usual supply of works, goods and services, the provision of services on fee, from the rental of equipment and systems, to leasing and adoption of models BOT (Build Operate and Transfer).

Tecnositaf has a significant portfolio of experience, know-how and achievements of important projects in terms of technology, for territorial extension, economic importance and innovative features.

Tecnositaf is able to provide services that cover the entire life cycle of an entrepreneurial venture:

requirement analysis design supervision of works implementation installation management maintenance performance monitoring planning management of
the enhancements

These services are rendered by building on the considerable amount of experience gathered beside our customers and within the industrial system in which Tecnositaf is inserted. The model with which the services are rendered preferably allows the use of technology and innovation, not as an end but as a means to obtain the solution that best meets the needs of our customers.


All data, regardless of their nature (states, images, voice and text communications, etc ...) are acquired and transmitted by the system through a single logical network to IP standard.

All data used or generated by the system are stored in a logically unique database. This leads to significant impacts:

  • The database contains all the information, static or non-static, which describe the "world" in which the system is applied.
  • Each data is placed in the structure according to its logical meaning and not its origin (a measuring traffic data is such regardless of its having been acquired by magnetic coils, laser sensors, image processing cameras, toll booths or any other existing technology).
  • Each data is placed in the structure in function of the logical meaning and not of its origin (one data of measure of the traffic is such that regardless of the fact that it was acquired by magnetic coils, by laser sensors, cameras equip image- processing, from toll stations, or any other existing technology).
  • Each element of the structure is accompanied by all descriptive documents. For a person: personal data, contact information, hierarchical position, skills and responsibilities. For an apparatus : its technical specifications, the manufacturer, the maintainer, and diagrams of the systems in which it is inserted, manuals, diagnostics and maintenance.
  • Each element of the structure is accompanied by all its historical data: measures, states, diagnostic, maintenance, equipment for, login and logout, actions taken, shifts and availability for users.
  • The database contains the description of hierarchies in which each element is inserted ( At least three levels of the hierarchy of the apparatuses are considered: power, communication and functional).

Independence from Hardware

All data that are processed within the system are virtual data (commands). They are translated physically into data (and commands) - that is dependent from technology - only the last element "intelligent" system through a specific driver (or virtual language converter to physical language Hw dependent). To date, for example, Tecnositaf products manage a wide range of camera models from different manufacturers which the operator has no knowledge of.

All Tecnositaf products are independent from the background and from third-party licenses: All applications can operate with either Unix or Windows and can rely on any DBMS: Oracle, MSQL, etc ... No third-party license is required for Tecnositaf applications: they are completely designed and developed in-house and completely dominated and maintained.

Distinction between DATA and INFORMATION

A significant difference has been made between data and information:

information is a given (or set of data) that has a specific meaning for a particular user (a video containing vehicles travelling on a highway figures only a data, while a video that contains a vehicle which stops, a queue, dispersed cargo etc ...
This is information to a control room operator; the historical pattern of current absorption by a detachment of an electrical substation is given a little significant by a control operator but is potentially important for the technical department which manages the facilities; the absence of diagnostic signal from a camera is a data for the control operator that has lost an "eye on the field " but for a maintenance worker it is an information that identifies the restoration operation to be performed).

Freedom from third-party licenses

All Technositaf products are totally developed internally and do not require third party products for their use and their maintenance. This is linked to the need to ensure maintainability in time and protect our customers investments.

High accessibility

All products are made entirely in Tecnositaf WEB technology. This means on one hand that there is no need to install any dedicated application on the operator workstations (just a common standard browser), but on the other hand anyone, no matter where they are, and with any device with a browser, provided they have connectivity with adequate bandwidth, can connect and operate on any system in line with its own level of authorization.
In this scenario, an application is made for a specific way to surf the DATA INFORMATION turning them into the basis of each specific USER. Applications currently covered by Tecnositaf products are multiple and are all linked by the need to enable the management and safety of complex, heterogeneous systems such as road networks from which Tecnositaf business started from . The biggest part of these products are represented by information solutions, but there are cases where it was necessary, either directly or with the assistance of the partners belonging to the network, the development of specific technologies not available on the market. The experiences and the responses received from the market have shown how the Tecnositaf solutions could find successful application in areas close to the original one.

Key markets in which Tecnositaf solution have found and could find application are:

Stradale, Ferroviario, portuale, areoportuale, governativo, industriale, civile